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Someone who was a spy, at least in a sense, U2 pilot Francis Gary Powers, was given a silenced High Standard .22, though I have no idea (and I suspect he didn't either) what he could have done with it. For his "covert" mission, he had a plane full of U.S. equipment and U.S. marked gear, plus the pistol. And he spoke only American English. Who was he going to claim to be, a Norwegian, maybe? A Nigerian?

Let me see how that scenario runs if he were shot down in the middle of the USSR. He has no idea where he is, he doesn't speak a word of the language, he has no food, no clothing except a flight suit, and no way to get help if any could be found. And a lousy .22 pistol is going to help?

In fact, he was shot down, captured and brought to trial. And no, he didn't use the H-S to shoot his way to freedom. We got him back after a lot of effort and only after the Soviets had exploited the incident for all it was worth. The pistol didn't help and at last report was still in a Moscow museum.

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