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I don't understand the talk of recoil on an M1A....It should not even be a factor....My SOCOM 16 is extremely mild in the recoil dept......
You forget that recoil is mostly subjective: it's a perception thing and much of that perception is based on the shooter's experience and training (and lack thereof) .....

Back in the days of 9+ pound wood stocked battle rifles and 600 yard rifle ranges, military recruits worked out with their rifles, shot them a lot, and military service was pretty common. Even city boys that joined the Navy learned to manage a .30 cal rifle.....

Now, military service is not very common, and relatively few people in the .mil shoot anything bigger than an M-4 ......

The people that do shoot anything .308 WIN or larger for the first time often have little or no experience or training in dealing with what "normal" recoil is, particularly when they are shooting a really light, short rifle such as the GSR ..... they don't pull the gun into their chest, don' t get a good cheek weld*, and when it whacks them, it's "ZOMG!!!!!!111111!!!! That thing kicks like a mule!"

*Often, the stocks of many guns don't have a high enough comb for the ginormous "moonscopes" that have to be mounted so very high so their objective lenses will not contact the barrel .... and the shooters must raise their heads off the stock to get a sight picture..... when the gun fires, instead of the gun and shooter moving back as a unit, their head is momentarily stationary, until their neck pulls it back and down- they call this "whiplash" in auto crashes- and can cause the cheek to hit the stock and/or the scope to whack them in the eyebrow .... I've seen both happen. Once a shooter has this happen to him, he'll forever believe that the .308 or .30-06 is a mule kicking round.....
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