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The woods today.....explain this......

So Louann and I went to the woods this morning with the plan being to trim the limbs along one of the new fire breaks that has been cut and then make a couple of passes down it with the tractor/harrow. The trimming was to keep me from getting a face full of limb as I ran the tractor.

Now it's hot here in Florida.......and HUMID....100% at the lowest.......and the bugs.....lord the bugs, but we're idiots so we went at it. By noon or so we were soaked, bit, hungry.......basically out of steam, so we decided to just spend a little while riding the roads while drinking a coke.

And what in the heck do we see over the next couple of hours.......? Lots of deer!!

Not just one or two but a dozen in groups of 2 to 3. A couple had spots, one was a GIANT ( Marked the spot! ) and the rest were healthy looking.

Now all these deer were feeding in 90+ degree full sun with 100% humidity and with the yellow flies/mosquito's/deer flies all off the charts.

What in the world were they thinking??????

And this is FLORIDA, thick woods as you can see from the picture, so we're not talking a pasture where you can see a hundred acres at a time.

Second picture is of a spotted turtle Louann found while we were wandering of the more attractive Florida turtles......and not to common either.

The second picture of the turtle was a accident......but it is interesting to look at. She's in the water..............

And yes......the bath after all that fun felt good..............

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