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I always read Kraig's posts anyone who burnt up an M60 Machine Gun in Viet Nam in combat, and spent a lifetime in long range rifle shooting is someone to take seriously.

The OP is torn between an M1A or buying for the same money the Ruger Scout rifle and an AK or AR...For me the answer is easy,,,just me but I am not interested in the Ruger Scout rifle and the AK's I like the old Robinson Arms Vepr's and milled receiver Arsenals cost almost as much as the M1A...Ditto for the AR's I like they all cost over a for the price of an M1A I could not buy two rifles.

I have the M1A, FAL, AR10, PTR91 and Vepr AK in 308 and some AR's and AK's and I like all of them,,,but I understand the OP's thinking,,,whether you are just starting out and on a budjet,,,or have collected firearms for a lifetime,,,it is sometimes hard to figure out how to best spend your money.
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