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Anybody ever own a Ford Escort? Two of my friends suggested I pick up one a few years ago. They each had a sedan and a wagon with over 200,000 miles on each of them, and each reported they got over 30 miles per gallon. They each bought theirs used with a little over 100,000 miles on it. We were carpooling a long trip at night together, so I grabbed a sweet-lookin' 1998 model with only 89,000 miles. It was small, but even had a CD changer and electric windows.

It was the beginning of the worst two years in Hades of my life! It left me stranded twice, and I replaced every single electrical component on her, only to have the local dealership to tell me I needed a $1200 fuel pump job. Sold her and lost more money. Came to find out, these buddies had tuned and spent money on theirs all along. What I'm saying is, I needed to check things out really well before hand. I didn't expect it to perform like a Mustang GT, nor ride like a Lincoln, but I did expect it to run for a while. I still had less in the total investment than a new Mustang or Continental after repairs, so go figure.

Same thing with guns and other toys. Expect to replace plugs, belts, hoses and wires. Keep your fingers crossed if you spend Kel-tec money for a Springfield, but please don't whine when it lets you down. If you wanted a custom gun with all hand finishing, you should have bought one. If you can use a screwdriver and sandpaper, then you can probably make your better than it is now. Right this minute, I'll guarantee you somebody is pitching about his new Winchester or Remington letting him down when he could have bought a slick little Kimber for only a couple of hundred more. As for me, I'm very thankful for my Nissans.

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