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There's a difference between buy a 'cheap' used gun and a cheap new one. The used one, you buy with the knowledge you may have to tweak it a little, maybe put a few bucks in parts. The new gun should work right out of the box. The instances of a new gun being defective should be exceedingly rare and in those instances, the manufacturer should make it right ASAP. No BS, no run-around, no arguing about 'fault'.

Taurus has a high failure rate. I've personally known a dozen folks who bought them and were sorry. I personally know stocking FFL's who used to carry Taurus and won't carry them now. They got tired of shipping guns back & dealing with long time customers who were now dissatisfied customers. Couple that with the innumerable threads from established forum members who never bitch about anything else--but they've had trouble with Taurus--and I see a pattern developing. Taurus has QC problems at an inordinately high rate and they're not particularly motivated to correct those problems ASAP.

I ain't a Taurus hater, I'll buy a 450 one of these days, when the right deal comes along, and that is if I don't buy a Public Defender first. Like you, I just might get lucky and get a good one.
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