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So what your saying is, if I spend hundreds of dollars on a handgun I should not mind having to finish what the factory didn't? That's absurd. Any filing, fitting or polishing should be done at the factory before its shipped out.

Taurus has some great designs and their catalog has something for everyone. Couple that with their competitive prices and excellent marketing and you've got products that will sell. I think it also has a lot to do with first time buyers who don't really know about the over looked details that leave them with a lemon.

It's pretty obvious that Taurus uses a pump and dump strategy; get the guns out there and deal with the issues later. And when a certain model has a design flaw or defect, rather than issue recalls, the model just disappears from their catalog. I don't need Mas Ayoob or any other gun writer to tell me that Taurus does not stand behind their poorly made (for the most part) products. I had to learn the hard way, like most other former Taurus owners.
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