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Seems to me we may have a whining customer trend instead of product problems repeating itself here. The very same comments were made continuously about Ruger in the early 1980's--if anyone remembers?Gun owners willing and able to smooth out burrs and mill marks, polish feed ramps and forcing cones, and replace trigger and extractor springs will almost always be happy with most firearms.

Over at the Kel-tec forum, the very same sack of spit goes on continuously even though they make some of the most concealable, affordable, reliable, and light weight firearms on the market. If Taurus makes total crap, then just tell me why there's a Judge and a 1911 lying all over every single gun shop counter in the USA? Seems like sensible shop guys would nill them for something else, so much so that Smith and Wesson brings out similar models of each years later. What gives?

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