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I dont know bout all of you other guys out there, but one thing that annoys the poodle out of me is the gun mags. They give glowing reviews of every gun they review, with maybe a little nit to pick about a few ftfs or fte or other such problems. Only paying the issues lipservice and then going on to say the gun is top notch.

Every so often you see a review of a new taurus gun and not one mention of this companies QC issues. I know Mas Ayoob is a memeber here, It is my hope he will chime in on this issue. Why dont the gun mags ever do any articles on Taurus's continued lack of serious quality controll and poor customer service. Why arnt they talking about the fact that buying a taurus is like playing the lottery, you never know if your getting the winning number till its to friggin late. I should know, one of my first auto pistols was a tuarus pt945, everytime i would pull the trigger, the magazine plate would fall out and bullets tumble out of the gun. Now at this time you could not(and still cant around here) find taurus mags anywhere, and i didnt have internet then.

I truely wish the QC problem was resolved becuase they have a few products id buy right now, if i knew that i stood a chance of getting a quality product. Namely the M856 all steel snubby and the 24/7 lineup.
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