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Moving rifle collection cross country without CCW permit

A friend has a possible job relocation in the future from Arizona to western Pennsylvania and I am researching the laws. The route for the drive would be AZ, NM, TX, OK, AR, KY, WV, PA. As far I can find researching the law, transporting black rifles padlocked in "case" in accordance with FOPA is fine along this route. PA does not require a LTCF to carry rifles in a vehicle. These are gun friendly states, so not sure if FOPA would even be needed.

They would be transported in a SUV in this manner: black rifles and shotguns locked and unloaded in a hard container, ammo locked in a different hard container, all magazines unloaded. Do you see any legal problems doing this along this route? Issues with overnight stays?

Oklahoma is confusing me. It sounds like the case needs to be at the top of the pile and have a label on it like "plano" or "pelican". Is that right?

Little details like this make it very tempting to fly for a few hours with them instead of driving 2200 miles and risk a traffic stop and legal problems.

Is there a strict legal definition for a gun case? Home-built wood box/locker with a padlock? A lockable toolbox, either plastic or metal?
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