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I don't believe he was on the deceased or party goer's property. It is possible he was on some sort of easeway. Personally every little bit is gonna help for this guy: the police being there, the not on property part, being in TX instead of NJ, etc and the main reason why is that stuff seems to be pennies and nickels compared to the 100 dollar bills and checkbook the prosecutor has. the guy seems like an idiot. I don' think he went out there trying to kill someone, but no a retired citizen absolutely does not strap on a gun over a noise disturbance at a neighbor's house. The cop probably got an ass-chewing after-the-fact but he was probably beside himself...a noise disturbance isn't even a misdemeanor crime it is a ticket. It is his house and he has every right to blare music until if and when the cops ticket him and he keeps ignoring police warnings. None of which so far mentions the fact that the guy is emotional and letting his frustration and emotions run his actions. There is no place for that while holding a gun. These guys are drunk and obviously stupid for pushing the issue with a man with a gun. Also, the guy seems stubborn as an ox and a mule put together: "I am in fear of my life, i am standing my ground"....basially i am on the phone and since I am in this situation I am going to shoot someone instead of retreating because I am an(fill in the blanks). I might be right and justified with my wife, but that doesn't give me the right to argue and fight with her all of the time too. Either way this guy is gonna have to take major accountability in a plea deal or roll the dice and hope to get lucky...the camera might save him but I don't think so...who knows. Also, i see no evidence in the video of him trying to leave....he is emotional and wants a phone operating officer to hear people in the backround upset over a man threatening with a firearm. i would be upset too
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