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Sure, Stevie-Ray, your pattern at 30 yards is larger than at 10. It may be 30" in diameter depending on choke, but that 4+ inch target is still moving at a pretty good clip and often requires more than a single hit to break the clay. Then you have variables such as angles, wind gusts, leads.
Yeah, you're right, as I have said I pretty much suck at shotgunning games. But I do shoot a lot at HD distances. I'm just saying that taking "you can't miss" at face value is a dangerous thing, considering patterns at 7 yards or less-I found that out with my first few shots years ago. I also know personally 3 people that have only a shotgun for HD and have never fired them. Since 2 out of 3 of those people have normal 870s, their patterns are going to be even tighter than mine. Likely victims of "Here, buy this. You can't miss with it." I never asked, just a guess.

People that truly "can't miss" with a shotgun have all my respect. But most of them have been doing it for a long time. Don't ever try to sell a shotgun to somebody with that line within earshot of me, as it's a true pet peeve of mine. Stick a fork in me.
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