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Who in their right mind would believe a shotgun will magically hit its target? Of course, you have to aim/point at the target.
Obviously, you haven't seen some of the people applying for CPLs in my state. (Agree that this is probably the norm for ANY state.) Some of the people that were in my original class were shocking with their ignorance. We could tell they were being told BS outside of class, and were taking it as gospel, not to mention their total incompetence with their own weapons. I have to wonder how many of them gave up on the idea of using a handgun and bought a shotgun "because they couldn't miss." I have proven to myself many times by my small patterns at 7 yards that in HD distances you damn sure WILL miss if you haven't pointed/aimed that thing well enough. I submit that, pointing at a clay pigeon 30 yards away with target load invites a much bigger pattern, and a better chance of hitting with something. YMMV.
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