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Yes, Amsdorf, we agree that the putting the hit on the bad guy, and only the bad guy, is what we want. I do not agree, though, as many do not agree that you need to or should use 00B. That depends to some degree on the individuals situation.

I do admit that I only practiced one day with buck and slugs and do not pretend to have learned that much in a couple of hours. The range officer giving me some advice, and when he learned of a mutual acquainance he took a great deal of interest in showing me the ropes, had be blasting away with an 870 short barrel at a silhouette target from 10 yards with 00b and slugs. The drill was to take my safety of as the gun comes up from waist level and to shoot as soon as I get a cheed weld with the breifest look at the bead.

Those lucky enough to live in rural environments with some land may have situations where home defense coujld include a longer shot, but it is hard to imagine the need to take a shot much beyond 10 yards in my suburban area.

I am a crappy shot, but all of my buck was in the black and my slugs were withing an inch of my poa. I didn't just shoot individual shots but pumped and refired as fast as possible for effect.

That was back when I had no more than 300 clay shots down range. I am still a crappy shooter, but have somewhere in excess of 8,000 clay attempts and beleive I have improved with that "game" a little.

But you do have me thinking that I should revisit the rifle range where I can get some practice in with Buck and Slugs, as well as this new fangled Ultimate Home Defense stuff with the high density BBs. While my primary load is that stuff, I have an ample supply of 00B and slugs in case all hell were to break lose.
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