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I was puzzled at the amount of time given to the carry-in-bars question. The whole premise of it, however, was that carry is protected outside the home.

Wouldn't the legislature have to create such a law? There would have been no need for it in a state that bans carry totally.

As there are several states in which licensed or unlicensed carry is legal in bars, it would seem to be a relatively straightforward inquiry as to the frequency of firearm misuse by licensed or un-prohibited individuals. But to make that inquiry, the legislature wouod have to be truly interested in the answer, and I doubt they are.

I always chuckle a bit when the discussion turns to the idea that open carry is best because then "you know what you are dealing with", as I think Judge Posner said. What criminal, bent on nefarious activity, is going to openly carry a weapon? It's laughable.

I know a few career LE officers who have taken a lot of guns from criminals, and not one of them has ever caught a criminal with a gun IN A HOLSTER, let alone visible.
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