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Originally Posted by DNS
Maybe I missed it, but I don't think anyone here has said that what Rodriguez did was smart. As for the legality of his actions, that is the crux of trial being discussed, isn't it?
Not in the context of that quote, we're not. We're talking about his initial actions. Legal but stupid. Later actions even more stupid and either are or should be illegal.

And yes, if SYG allows someone to arm themselves, provoke confrontation and then shoot someone, I would oppose them. That is not responsible behavior.

You can spin my approval of SYG any way you see fit. The law should protect the guy who is walking back to his car from a movie and gets mugged, not the guy who arms himself with the intent to create a confrontation, who does not disengage when given multiple opportunities, continues to antagonize, threatens (or suggests) violence where there is none and then kills someone when the incident gets out of control.

That's my opinion. I'm not going have a discussion based on semantics, absurd extrapolations and intentional spin.
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