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I don't care much about the legality of his initial actions. Legal doesn't imply smart.
Maybe I missed it, but I don't think anyone here has said that what Rodriguez did was smart. As for the legality of his actions, that is the crux of trial being discussed, isn't it?

I believe he intended it to go exactly like it did and he thought SYG would protect him. If SYG laws will be used to justify the behavior we see in that video, I would actively oppose them.
So you think SYG laws are a good idea so long as people behave the way you think they should behave, but don't like SYG when they behave counter to how you think they should behave, though (possibly) in a legal manner?

The issues of not being smart and not behaving in accord with your standards are problems rampant in the legal system. I can't begin to tell you the number of people I know who do perfectly legal things that I don't approve of them doing. There would be a lot of laws taken off the books if that was the case and several new ones added. After all, boys are going to date my daughters and no doubt try to exploit the legality of doing so to their advantage. It is terrible, but just because I don't approve of it doesn't mean it needs to be codified by least that is what my Texas House Representative indicated to me.

It is a tough call. Given that he looks to be using SYG in a manner you don't approve, basically for the purposes of a legal advantage for a lethal force incident, then I take it that you would actively oppose concealed carry for the same reason. After all, no doubt the justification for him showing up armed was because he had the legal ability to do so and he used it to his advantage.

It is a very slippery slope when we start deciding that we don't like laws because some people can use them in manners we don't approve. With a paradigm like that, I can see guns rights disappearing very quickly.
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