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Tightrope walking...

As phrased, the OP is within L&CR limits.

However, a reminder is in order. ANY mention of politics (by anyone) will result in the thread being closed. ANY disparaging comments, by anyone, about political figures, parties, etc., will have the same effect, and may result in worse for the poster. The rules for L&CR are MUCH STRICTER than the other forums.

Tread lightly, and keep it civil, please.

As to the question, since he won, I would expect that what the Governor was doing, he will continue to do.

This was a historical event, but only in the statistical sense, long term. First recall where the incumbent gov was retained. Other than that, it will likely have no national significance in the long run. Other events will quickly overshadow it. Claiming it as a bellweather, and holding it up to show we are going this way, or that way now, is politics, and we're not doing that here.

That being the case, I don't see what there is to discuss, without it going downhill really quickly.
Don't see much hope for this thread to stay within the boundaries, but it has been ok so far, so will leave it open, for now.
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