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Originally Posted by Blackshirts
If that were the case I think the recipricocity would not exist between said states so you wouldn't have to worry about trying to get the license. That essentially would be (continuing the example) FL governing NYs licenses. If it is a FL permit valid in NY but not FL essentially making it a "pay our state instead for your NY license" NY will retract recipricocity. That would be purely FL taking money out of NYs revenue and issuing NY licenses. No state would stand for that.

What you wrote above makes no sense at all, and your suggestion a couple of posts earlier that some states will issue to non-residents but don't allow non-residents to carry on that permit in the issuing state is just plain wrong. The whole point of issuing a non-resident license or permit is to allow non-residents to carry in the issuing state. Any expanded reciprocity or recognition of that license or permit by other states is entirely accidental and incidental to whatever reciprocity agreements or laws exist affecting the various states involved.

To prove your point, name ONE state that issues to non-residents but does NOT allow the non-resident to carry in that state on that permit. Cite where that state's law spells that out.
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