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What more could you want in a weapon.
Amen to that, Blindmike, and everything you say.

Could you link to that report please?
I will, but it's in Czech.

Original czech TV spot:

News article (the reported issue is failure to extract):

The following article itself is an analysis about M4 jamming in Wanat, but there is a grunt's first hand experience with 805 BREN in the discussion under the article (Ivo 7. 5. 2012 - 12:56). Looks like that for many people it's vz. 58 over BREN.

Note that I myself like the idea behind 805 and I believe that they will fix the issue asap, and 805 will be as rugged and reliable as vz. 58. Till then I'm happy with AK47 reliability and power and M4 accuracy packed in one small lightweight and cheap package called vz. 58.
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