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Choices and reviews of rangefinders boggling my mind!!!!

I've recently decided that I'd like to have a rangefinder for several purposes. 1) to simply help me get better at estimating range 2) for bowhunting/shooting 3) for rifle hunting/shooting. I made a deal with a guy locally and bought one of the old Leica LRF 1200 models. It was pretty crappy, actually. I measured out exactly 60 ft in my back yard, and the Leica would measure it as 22 and 23 yards all day. I sold that, and got a Nikon riflehunter 1000 which was very accurate at the 20 yard mark, and a BIG improvement from the Leica. However, I still wasn't quite satisfied, so I returned it to Sportsman's Warehouse and got a refund. I've since read a plethora of reviews and product descriptions on rangefinders in the same class/price point. At this point, my head is spinning. I've somehow settled on 3 RF's: the Leupold rx-1000, the nikon monarch 1200, or the bushnell 1500 elite. I've read both great and gruesome reviews of all three of these RF's, but have only had my hands on one, the Nikon (which I was very pleased with) My hunting buddy has a bushnell 1500 that i'll be checking out at the range tomorrow, but who knows where I'll be after that... anyone had a similar experience? Wise words to share? I just don't wanna be stuck paying almost $400 for an RF that I hate and am stuck with
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