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Maybe I should clarify. I said, "the events leading up to the shooting could happen to any of us."

I don't know the whole situation, but come on, suppose you had a neighbor who threw loud parties (from the video it sounds like this had happened before), you called the cops and not much happens. So, perhaps you decide to get some evidence for a more formal complaint/suit. You get a camera and a flashlight and strap on your CCW before you leave the house, perhaps out of habit.

Now here is where the path diverges from "could happen to any of us." Hopefully when confronted with escalation/threat of force in this instance most of us would take the option of retreat. That Rodriguez should have done this I can't argue with. All I was trying to say is that many of us could easily get in this very situation, the difference of course, is HOW we handle it. It's easy, and foolish IMHO, to say "that you would NEVER confront a neighbor in this situation." I live in an apartment complex with other college students and I've asked my neighbors to keep it down (no video camera or gun tho) a few times and could see the situation escalating if I let it.

Training is good. Rational behavior you can't always depend on, even for YOU. We're human after all, it's easy for the mind to get knocked off balance. I see it at the hospital all the time.
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