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I was viewing this forum and had to register to add my .02 to a lot of misconceptions I am reading.
This post being the first I am replying to.
First I do not know where all the beliefs about firing large BS through a full choke is dangerous is coming from.
2nd you cannot just assume your full choke will not pattern well. All guns are different.
From personal experience I believe the fellow who posted prior to me said it best that a full choke that has a long gradual taper is what will help a pattern the best.
I have a shotgun with a full choke that at 25 yrds. I can cover all 9 pellets of 00 buck with my hand...all others do not pattern as well.
I guess the old axiom of the closer the length of the charge in relation to the dia. of the charge will pattern best.
BTW all the shotguns of the model I am refering to pattern tight with most all about reaching out there an touching something.
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