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"Seconds later Houston Fire Department senior captain Ricky Johnson, who testified he was drunk at the party, moves closer to Rodriguez and makes fun of his camera. The argument ends there with the crack of gunfire. "
I think that is a bit misleading. It gives the impression that Rodriguez fired because his camera was insulted. The argument did end, but I can't see where the insult to the camera is what caused Rodriguez to shoot.

Yes.. Because prosecutors are unbiased. RemembCer it's their job to win cases.
No, it is their job to prosecute cases. However, you don't have to believe the prosecutor that Rodriguez did had ample opportunity to remove himself from the situation. If he was in fear for his life as he claimed, there was nothing stopping him from walking away to the safety of his own home, but he didn't. That is shown in the video.

Now about it being justified. It's up to the jury, but I can count 3-4 and there probably a LOT more drunk partiers who look to be siding with the deceased. The defendant, Rodriguez, at one point says that they have weapons as well. Which also isn't a stretch of the imagination (broken beer bottles, etc.). I know I'd be in fear for MY life.
And so instead of backing off, you would instead continue to try running your camera, being on the phone with 911, keeping a gun in hand, and using your flashlight like Rodriguez? His behavoir doesn't seem to indicate that he is in fear for his life. Why would all of those things be more important to him than trying to remove himself from the situation?

I guess you could argue that he multitasked himself into dysfunction or maybe he could not walk away because he was running some of his gear with his feet. I don't know, but his actions and his words do not indicate that he was in fear for his life, despite claiming he was.
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