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"Prosecutors said Rodriguez was not in fear for his life and had ample opportunity to leave the confrontation he started....
Yes.. Because prosecutors are unbiased. RemembCer it's their job to win cases.

I think some people here are armchairing this to death. From the video it looks like there is a good chance he was NOT on the deceased property. As someone else already mentioned, at one point in the movie one of the parygoers said "theres a [crazy?] man with a gun in the street." Knowing how some parties go, it's no surprise if it spread to the front of the house/street.

As for not "retreating" if there were cops there, then maybe he was depending on them to intervene. Also, at the end of the video it looks like he WAS starting to walk away and got tackled when he turned his back.

Now about it being justified. It's up to the jury, but I can count 3-4 and there probably a LOT more drunk partiers who look to be siding with the deceased. The defendant, Rodriguez, at one point says that they have weapons as well. Which also isn't a stretch of the imagination (broken beer bottles, etc.). I know I'd be in fear for MY life.

If you think about it, the events leading up to the shooting could happen to any of us. It's quite quaint to say "just go to bed" or let the "police handle it." But it sounds like this was not the first time this had happened and the police were called. I'm not sure if Rodriguez is a current or retired firefighter, but remember that often they work long shifts. I know that after working an 18 hour shift at the hospital I'd be a bit testy if kept awake by my neighbors.

While I concur that the situation was badly handled, I do think that this very situation could easily happen to someone with the most innocent motives, e.i., you or me.
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