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I think its safe to say that all American Milsurp ammo is non-corrosive
Its safe to say all American Milsurp from the early 50's on up is non-corrosive.

The .30 carbine ammo was always non corrosive, but .30-06 and .45ACP from WWII and earlier CAN BE CORROSIVE!

The complete switch to non-corrosive primers was done sometime in the early 1950s. As far as I know, all US 7.62 NATO is non-corrosive. Not so with foreign made ammo. I think some of it is still corrosive primed, even today.

If you want to test, pull a bullet, dump the powder, and fire the primer with a putty knife (or other steel target) right in front of the muzzle. Clean your bore with hot water, followed by normal cleaning. (in case it is corrosive)

Wait a couple days or so. If it was a corrosive primer, you will see rust on the putty knife blade.
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