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I believe a ported gun would be a disadvantage in most civilian gunfights.

Figure the benefit of reduced muzzle climb/perceived recoil vs. increase muzzle blast, noise, flame, superheated gasses, and possibly bits of lead and copper shavings exiting into your face if your stance is anything less than "range perfect." This is especially true if you hold the revolver/semiauto in a protected/retention position. I believe the concerns about muzzle climb and recoil that most folks turn to a ported gun to solve can be addressed through judicious ammunition selection.

As for revolver vs. semiauto, I believe most people will carry what their favorite round is available in. I carry a .38 snubbie for convenience most of the time (i.e. at work) and a .45 ACP Colt Commander or a .357 magnum S&W Model 19 (2.5" barrel) when I can dress to hide it. Based on five years of CC, and given factory ammo and a regular cleaning/maintenance routine, I'd give a slight edge on reliability to revolvers. Ease of reloading and "shootability" to semiautos. IMHO, neither difference
is so great as to cause me to give up one platform or another.

Best Wishes, LBC
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