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good way to belt carry single ak mag

Recently a cz 527 carbine in x39 followed me home. This sweet little carbine is going to be my hk45's new partner, in that itgoes everywhere with me (or at least is always in my truck). I want to be able to cary my 5+1 of hunting ammo, plus 5-10 spare rounds of thatn and have the option of easily grabbing a number of cheap ammo to practice at the end of the hunt/scouting trip. Sence ak mags are cheap, i was thinking id just use one as my spare ammo carrier. Id like to be able to clip it onto my belt. I thought of maby attatching a belt clip to the mag itself, or getting a clip on holder. The issue is i want it to not be able to flop around/hang on brush as well as be comfortable. Ak mags have some uncomfortable corners lol. Any ideas on carrying at least 20 spare x39 rounds?
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