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"Prosecutors said Rodriguez was not in fear for his life and had ample opportunity to leave the confrontation he started....
...Prosecutors said Rodriguez fatally shot Kelly Danaher, a physical education teacher at Sorters Mill Elementary in New Caney ISD, in his own driveway at his wife's birthday party in northeast Harris County. Rodriguez also shot two other men, one a Houston Fire Department captain, just afterward. " [B. Rogers, Houston Chronicle, Updated June 7, 2012]

Wow...poor guy was shot (and killed) at his wife's birthday party, Mr. Rodriguez also wounded 2 other good people...its not like he shot three crack-heads breaking down his front door. Unbelieveable.

When there's a loud party I simply put in my ear-plugs and go to bed.

"I guess we'll soon see what the jury thinks. "

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