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Well I live near ranges where there are LOTS of grizzlies, and I hunt around them every year and have for many years.
I know what I know about bears from learning it from bears, not from books.

If I were to be hunting the bears I might use calibers that I would not recommend for hunting AROUND the bears.

Let me clarify.

When you are hunting elk deer or moose around here you will see grizzlies often.
They are doing what bears do. In most cases if you see one and it sees you, it runs away.

However about 1 time in 5 or 6, it come back around you on your flank or comes up behind you. I believe most times they just want to see what you are, because when they do that then don’t often seem aggressive.

However a bear is the most unpredictable animal on the planet. I sometimes think the bear doesn’t know it is going to be aggressive until 4 seconds before it gets that way, so if IT doesn’t know there is NO WAY for you to know.

And they may “show up” behind you, or around the horses, or in your camp--- that’s the kind of scenario you’ll want a heavy hitter.

A 45-70 lever rifle with heavy tough bullet, a 375 H&H, a 416 or a 458 Win Mag are all excellent for being “around” grizzlies. If you are not hunting anything, but are just around where they live, a good 12 gauge with slugs is good too.

Another 2 guns that have a LOT of merit for such country are the AR-15s in 458 SOCOM and in 50 Beowulf
Of course the 44 magnums and 454 Casulls are “standard apparel” when you go ANYWHERE out of your truck in that kind of country, because they are worn, not “carried” like a rifle.

Like old jack O’Connor, I would not think myself underarms with a 270 and 150 or 160 grain Nosler Partitions in it, if I were hunting the bear.

When I am hunting I am the one for the bear to fear. I only would take shots when I wanted to take them, and only when I KNOW I am going to kill with them.

The bear that you hunt is not the dangerous one, as a rule.

It’s the bear you are not hunting.
The one that may hunt you, or maybe just decides he doesn’t like the color of your eyes.

Those are the ones you need to worry about.
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