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DPMS Oracle Questions

Hello Gents,

I have an uncle considering a first AR15 purchase and has inquired to me about the new DPMS Oracle. I largely have not been a DPMS fan, but after doing some research, I think they have made some strides recently to correct some of the issues I have historically had a problem with.

I am having a little trouble finding out some details about these new Oracle rifles however. Some questions I'd like to know if any one can answer are:

Are they currently using the straight or tapered pins on the Front Sight Block?

Is there anyone out that that has RECENTLY had problems with the 5.56 chamber and 5.56 ammunition?

Any RECENT problems with stock DPMS FCG's?

Are there M4 Feedramps on these new weapons and are they done correctly?

What is the Staking situation like on the Gas Key and Castle Nut? (I'd prefer Locktite on the Castle nut and PROPER staking on the Gas Key.)

Any information any experts/enthusiasts/hobbiests/nuts could provide would be great.


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