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I got started reloading 38's with a simple Lee Loader and a 2x4 block. About $9.95 back in the day. I think they're about $40.00 these days. It's slow, but can be done.

These days I use a Lee hand press, and a set of dies. For powder I use the dipper that comes with the dies and just buy the recomended powder. (I've got scales and powder measure, but seldom use them) I paid less than $100.00 for the press and dies. A few little hand tools like a chamfer tool, primer pocket cleaner, priming tool, and case length trimmer cost less than another $50.00. I got an inexpensive case tumbler to polish brass, for $35.00.

Primers are about $30.00 for a thousand. Factory cast lead bullets around $50.00 for 500. Powder $20-30.00 a can. You can load thousands 38's with a pound of powder.
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