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Originally Posted by idek
thanks for the replies. Here's another question I should have asked right away. Once you have all the equipment, about how much is it costing you per cartridge (based on a 38sp/357)?
It will depend on how "into" it you get. Casting your own bullets is a lot less expensive than buying, but not everyone warms up to the idea of playing with molton lead. I don't. I buy bullets from Berrys Manufacturing.

The last time I bought primers, they cost me $40 for 1000, so that's 4 cents per round.

I get brass by buying and shooting commercial ammo, so I consider the brass to be free.

Depending on the exact bullet chosen, Berrys' current price for .38/.357 bullets runs between $90 and $106 per 1000. Call it $100 and it's 10 cents per round.

So you're at 14 cents plus the cost of powder, which is probably a couple of pennies per round. Maybe figure 18 cents per round to be conservative?
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