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I've never seriously considered reloading before, because I didn't feel I did enough shooting the bother with it. However, I'm finding I'm going through ammo faster these days, so I'm wondering what it would take to get into reloading 38sp/357 ammo. Also I don't have a ton of space for equipment, so smaller would be good.
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Done right, about $200 for basic equipment. Single stage press, die set, powder measure, cheap scale, etc.

about how much is it costing you per cartridge (based on a 38sp/357)?
Powder is ~$20/pound. 1 pound is 7000 grains. My typical charge of Alliant Bullseye in .38 is 3.7 grains.

Primers are (last time I bought) ~$32/1000, CCI small pistol primers.

Bullets are whatever they cost now. It varies, depending on what you get.

You do the math.
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