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Open carry question

Hi all,

Please pardon my ignorance, I don't live in the USA and have a question in regards to 'open carry' rules.

Do the police have the authority to demand I.D of someone who is observed 'open carrying'???

I found a you tube video of a guy who decided to go for a walk with his Ak-47 (I think in Michigan??) and there was an inevitable confrontation with authorities and he found himself looking down the barrel of (several) M-4 carbines. He then goes of on a rant about 'I am not breaking the law so therefore i don't have to talk to the cops' thing.

Surely the police can legally require I.D and be given the opportunity to confirm the identity of the person observed in a public place with a firearm??

Are cops supposed to take your word for it that you; are legally allowed to carry and do not have a criminal history?

What possible positive outcome could there be of refusing to Identify yourself to police and they can clearly see you have a firearm?

Or is this just a cute trick conducted by people looking for a civil litigation claim at a later date??
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