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The 6.5x55 Swede will do everything you want it to and more. A well-placed 6.5mm pill will take down every big game animal in the PACNW with ease.

If a man is going to have only one rifle, it should be a 6.5mm. The 6.5x55 was the main military cartridge of many countries in Europe, therefore, it was and remains popular as a sporting cartridge.

I believe it was Sweden, could have been one of the other countries though, but someone over there had their Fish & Game conduct a study of moose hunts. They found that it didn't matter if the moose was hit with a .375 H&H or a 6.5mm, they all ran about 50 meters before dropping.

I would say to stick with the 6.5x55, and instead of buying another rifle, get yourself set up to reload/handload your own ammo for the 6.5mm.
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