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The best overlook weapon of all time. VZ-58

Of all the "assault" weapons we can choose from one overlook for so long has been the VZ-58. What more could you want in a weapon. It has a round known for being hard hitting the 7.62x39mm. A short stroke gas system that is just now showing up on AR15s to keep them cool and solve jamming problems. The gun is lite to carry all day or night as the case might be. It is very compact with the folding stock and not a big package by no means when it has a fixed stock. The gun has a very natural point of aim when shouldered with lite recoil, unlike its AK counter-ego.
The VZ-58 is very accurate on par with the AR15 IMHO. Parts for the gun are now easy to get and at prices within reach of most shooters. The aftermarket has started to take notice of the gun and some very nice items are out and more are on the way. As someone who owns an AR15, FAL, FS2000, and a VZ-58 along with other guns I have found the VZ-58 as one of the guns I most enjoy.
I think you will find the merits of this weapon are very balanced for it intended purpose. Go out and get one today, you will be glad you did.
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