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Thanks TXH. She is nice. It's one of the No.4 Mark II's that were
around a while back still in the "mummy wrap". I unwrapped it
and cleaned it up. The pic in the middle is of an unfired no.5 that
I lucked into years back. I've never seen another one in the flesh
in my life. Stone mint.

The sight that you mentioned on the No.5 is an aftermarket target
sight made in England. I wanted one for similar reasons as you,
but also wanted it because I hunt with this rifle. Many pounds of
sausage harvested by this no.5 rifle.

It's made by Parker Hale and is made for the No.4 & 5 rifles. I'm not sure
if it is still made. I purchased mine off of Ebay 5 or 6 years ago.
Great sight. This one came with an adjustable iris, which was a
nice bonus. This is definitely a worthy accessory to an Enfield
rifle. Very easy to install. Model PH5C.

Here are some better detailed pics of this sight.

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