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I have a Vanguard in .300 Win short mag and a Model 700 laminated stock in 06--my first Vanguard and my sixth 700--had 700's for years and they have all shot accurately, the 06 is very accurate, but the test target that came with the vanguard was just one ragged hole just a bit off center---the gun store owner said if it shoots as well as the test target, keep it forever--it is truely one of the most accurate rifles I've ever owned---as far as looks, it's very hard to beat the Remingtons--in my humble opinion, the BDL is just about the best looking rifle out there, but both have a beautiful stock. I've also been lucky on the triggers, just haven't had one so bad I had to install an aftermarket---the comments on the felt recoil are right on, the Vanguard is a little heavier but the recoil between it and the 06 feels about the same to me--both are easy to shoot. I envy you your choice, you can't go wrong with either one, both are "keepers"-------John
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