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Cite, with video. Things got fairly nasty, with Democrats on the committee trying to save the irredeemable.

Bart, you are right. Holder knows now that Issa knows and has evidence Breuer was signing off, which means Holder incredibly incompetent by omission or comission, or he's a rank liar, probably both.

This is not deception for political gain, it's damage control of a "Reichstag Fire" op to justify laws to disarm citizens and turn back Heller, MacDonald, etc. It is only "botched" in that the perps got caught and the fingerprints of Holder and his cadre didn't get buried deep enough. The cynicism that figures spilled blood (even if a lot of them were thugs), serial felonies by those sworn to uphold said laws...I better stop. What is too dirty for these guys not to do?
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