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Like most things in life--it's mostly a matter of opinion. I would be hard pressed to make a decision between the two. I own 11 VGX Vanguards, and 3 older model 700's. All of them shoot moa. The "out of the box trigger" was better on the Rems., but I found accuracy to be more consistant with the Weatherbys. The Weatherbys are heavier, but as mentioned by someone else--the felt recoil seems to be less in the vanguards. In the "wood" stocks its a toss up which one is better looking. For many years I felt that the Rem. took the lead, but having incured the "VGX" bug, I will give the nod to the Weatherby's. The "Sub-MOA composite, and the B&C stocks on the varmint Weatherbys surpass the Rems. Having said all that, my SPS model 700 in .308win. is a "one hole" shooter--always! So go figure. Just run what ya brung!
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