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I hear you on the gun Smith tho. Right now, ain't broke, don't fix it, kinda mentality. And would rather not do more harm then good "trying" to fix it myself. It works, it's just very loose, and makes the left safety lever not properly function correctly. Which does bother me personally. I like all my guns to function 100% the way they should. Especially being a gun that my wife is going to be using for protection.

I really need to get a pic of it tho. It is truly a hard to access piece. Only really 1 access point, since it doesn't have a firing pin plate, to be able to remove and access that area of the slide. It is an all in one type unit, with only one really access point, a small hole, to remove the set screw, which holds on the safety, which holds in the firing pin. So being able to remove the set screw for the safety lever is pretty crucial to gaining access to firing pin and components.

I am going to be taking it to a gun smith tho, and let them hopefully figure out how to remove and replace. But have a feeling they will be drilling out the screw also to be able to fix the problem. I am by no means a professional gun smith, but very mechanically inclined, and been working on my own guns for years. But just don't see any other way for it to be done. But again, that's why they are professional smiths and I'm not. Haha. Let the masters do what they do

Was just hoping someone would have the- ow ya, that happened to mine, and you just need to do..................?

Haha, probably not tho unfortunately

Thanks guys. And if anyone has any ideas, more then welcome to throw them in
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