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I have a remington 700 ADL that I inherited from my father and I bought a weatherby vanguard from my brother a couple winters ago(we like to keep guns in the family). this is kindof comparing apples to broccoli since one is in 243 and the other is 300 weatherby mag but between the two, I like the ergonomics of the wood stock on the 700 to the(what I'm guessing is) fiberglass/polymer stock on the weatherby. both are more than accurate enough for hunting rifles and both have very smooth actions with the weatherby's being nicer. the major drawback the weatherby has over the remington is weight but again, it's firing a round that's about 3 times as powerful as the remington.

if you are looking at it economically, the vanguard II is cheaper and is guaranteed to be MOA out of the box, the remington 700 is not though I doubt that it would be much worse than the vanguard.
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