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Originally Posted by V450 Gary
ClemBert - plz tell this city boy how to distinguish between iron or steel and aluminum hawsh shoes.
I rid myself of horses several years ago...Yipee!!!! Still have a couple of horse trailers and saddles and equipment.

Aluminum horse shoes are pretty common even for your backyard lawn ornament horse. They are more expensive than steel shoes but not that much more to be prohibitive as all the other stuff needed for horse ownership adds up to a much larger chunk of change. Depending on the horse I would chose aluminum over steel shoes in some cases.

There is a distinct difference in the color of aluminum versus steel shoes. The steel shoes are a grey in color as is the nature of that type of metal. Aluminum shoes look like the color of the inside of a beer can. Additionally, most aluminum shoes have round edges whereas most steel shoes have 90 degree edges....most I tells ya...most. Even with the horse's hooves on the ground you're gonna spot aluminum shoes. They are going to be shiny aluminum color on the sides. Steel shoes might get shiny on the bottom when newly worn like the top surface of train rails but the sides will not.

I could tell in the Hatfield/McCoy series as they gave a fair closeup of all the horse's hooves as they galloping together. You can see the obvious glint of aluminum on the sides and bottom of the shoes.

Researching a lil' bit more reveals that aluminum shoes didn't get wide use until the 1960's on race horses.

Sorry that I gots some of ya off topic....
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