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Hey Kraig M1As are tough but I'll bet the farm they've gone through more recoil springs than all the bolt guns have
I wouldn't know, I never changed the recoil spring on my M1A, of course I've only been shooting it for 35 years. But I've shot the heck out of it, practicing and shooting it in competition when I shot for the Guard.

But to be fair, I've never change recoil springs on any of my guns, many older then my 4 diget (0068XX) M1A.

If I may drift off topic a bit, I don't know why people get hung up on recoil springs, I never changed one as I said, even on my Series 70 Gold Cup which is nearly as old as my M1A, and I've shot a ton of Military Hardball out of it, all with the springs that came with it. Still shoot it, Shot a 900 45 Bullseye and 30 round EIC match with it just a week ago last Sunday.

Back to topic, choose the rifle that suits you, but don't say the M1A isn't reliable. Its in the same "indestructible class" as it's daddy, the M1 Garand.
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