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Conversion planned on CVA 1858 with old style finish

A while back I purchased a second hand, older CVA, steel frame model of the 1858. It's marked CVA on the frame itself and Connecticut Valley Arms Inc. on the top of the barrel. The bottom of the barrel is simply marked with "Black Powder Only-Made In Italy". There are no other stampings found anywhere on the pistol. It could possibly have been a defarb, but as an older piece (thinking late 1960's to 1970's), I suspect that's the way it was made.

The revolvers finish itself is what we all call an "antique" or "original finish". In this case, sort of a greyish color patina with no appearance of bluing.

Having read all sorts of stuff (both good and bad) about older CVA 1858's, it looks like parts from Uberti's will likely interchange with it.

I just bought a Krist Konversion .45 LC 5 shot cylinder with the loading gate and also a Richards Mason style spring loaded ejector (yes..I know this is not the traditional style ejector for the 1858, but I like them anyway). These parts are designed to fit an Uberti, but I wont know for sure, till they arrive.

Has anyone tackled a cartridge conversion on a CVA 1858? The conversion parts are blued but I would like to change the finish over to more closely match my 1858's old finish.

Any idea on how replicated "old factory finishes" are accomplished?

I suppose I can simply strip the Krist parts down with vinegar then do a little rust browning or similar finish but it still will be far different from the overall finish on my CVA. I'll have to see about a photo so you all can see the finish I'm taking about.
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