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You are correct. The link I posted above has it wrong.Further research revealed this....

Keith led a life we can all dream about. Born in 1899, he some of the old gunfighters, and packed a sixgun as a working tool daily until his stroke in 1981. For more than two years he lived in a bed in a rest home in Boise, and finally went home to his final rest in February, 1984. In April of 1984, his son Ted formed the Elmer Keith Museum Foundation to raise money to build a museum to house all the game trophies and firearms of his famous lather.

and this....

Keith led what on the surface seems to be an ideal life. He spent the vast majority of his life guiding, outfitting, hunting, and shooting. He also went through much heartache and pain. He survived several devastating fires, attacks of influenza and lost his first child, Druzilla to influenza. He himself was so sick with the flu he could not even attend her funeral.
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