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So, I voted for reverting back to the prior format. I just didn't like the new format, but I couldn't really explain why, but just now I was clicking around, and figured it out...

I think that being separated by action type rather than use bugs me. For instance, posts about the Ruger GSR would fit right in with posts about an FN SCAR, and the Browning BAR would be right at home next to posts about the Remington 700.

I guess I will quantify my vote by saying that I feel the rifle forums would be better served by being separated by purpose, rather than action type. Otherwise, my vote remains for a unified, multipurpose single rifle format.

Rifles General - General questions, comments, and musings about rifles, without being able to be grouped into sporting/competition or hunting categories. Caliber wars, welcome!

Hunting Rifles - Fairly obvious, right? Caliber wars only quantified by meat destruction or game ineffectiveness allowed.

Sporting & Competition Rifles - Plinkers, Paper Pokers, Home/Self Defense, and eotw rifles go here. Caliber wars require one shot stop mentions, ballistics info, or ability to penetrate zombies without penetrating drywall.

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