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Hello All,

The reload data for a specific powder also lists specific bullet makes. Accurate, as an example, lists three makes along with three types. The only match for my .45 ACP bullet, a 200 gr, JRN from Power Bond Bullets, is just the bullet weight. Neither the type nor the make match. Same goes for the W231 load data, which lists only two types for a 200 gr bullet, a JHP and an LSWC.

My question then is, does the make and type matter when reloading? If so, I guess that means I have to find a powder that lists those details. I would think that as long as I use the reload data for my bullet weight and make sure the overall length is correct, that I would be ok.

My second question regards the primer type. After reading about them for about a week, it would appear that the only thing that matters is the size. All my brass takes a small primer. I also noticed that the Accurate reload data lists a Federal 150 as the primer make. How important is it to use this listed primer? Am I able to use any small primer or must I use the type that is listed in the reload data?

Thanks very much. Please be gentle, I am a first time reloader.

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