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The problem with the screw extractors is they won't fit, or the ones I have tried. The access hole for the set screw is very small, and just extremely difficult to get to. I have tried the smallest extractor I can find, but still to wide to fit into whole without damaging. but appreciate the advise.

I am at the point of just drilling out the screw to be able to remove safety, then finding the correct size screw to replace it. I think that is my only option right now, since I have tried everything else. It is just very difficult to gain access to the screw, hole is just alittle bigger then actual screw diameter. Need to take a pic of it to show, and maybe someone could give further advise.

Also, having a hard time reaching Mr. Wipf. So far have gotten a reply back in foreign language that I need to get translated. But appears to say that email didn't go thru, or invalid address.

Idk tho.

I think I may try a CZ 82 magazine, and like said, maybe machine or work the bottom to get flush with bottom. But if it will fit, catch and release properly. Will make great range mags. But steady I do have 1 magazine for now. And need to hit the gun show when it comes to town and see what someone may have.

Thanks everyone again. I really do like this gun. Paid a very good price for it, compared to what I have seen them go for. And it shoots amazing. Just love the overall feel of this gun, truly high craftsmanship. But like said, other fine .380 out there for cheaper that work good also. But these Sphinx .380 is a very finely made weapon, and has a great overall feel, and the.DAO trigger is great.
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